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Entrepreneurs Story – Jack Morrison and Marcus Mollinga – YourZooki

Jack Morrison and Marcus Mollinga had been close friends from an early age and grew up together in Preston, Lancashire playing cricket. 

Sport was an important part of both their lives, but when Marcus picked up an injury, he turned to fish oil capsules to help his recovery.

The large gelatine capsules were awkward to swallow and caused fishy burps and the alternative, raw dish oil was unpleasant tasting.

“The capsules were really unpleasant to swallow and the burps were disgusting– there had to be a better way,” explained Marcus. “Both Jack and I could see that a solution was needed, but there wasn’t an obvious remedy,”

The two close friends banded together to create a fish oil-based product that tasted good. A simple task it would seem, but one that led them down the path to becoming one of the world’s most exclusive wellness brands.

Jack Morrison and Marcus Mollinga – YourZooki

Marcus and Jack searched the market for an existing product they could market, but nothing existed and the scientists and companies they spoke to said it would be impossible to infuse Omega3 into a product, in particular, their idea for creating an enriched water product.

Impossible isn’t a word that either of these entrepreneurs subscribed to and so they set out trying sample after sample from scientists until they came upon “nano-encapsulation”. It was the only one that didn’t taste like fishy water.

Marcus Mollinga – YourZooki

The pair became obsessed and felt assured that it would be a hit, but try as they might they couldn’t make it viable. They had the big orders that every entrepreneur dreamed of, but if they had accepted them then they realised they would be losing money.

Like many start-ups, before them, they felt deflated at their first failure. However, they knew we were onto something. 

Jack said: “Having invested so much time and money into the project and literally scoured the world to find a solution it was tough to come to the realisation that this simply wouldn’t work.

They then began looking at higher concentrations of ingredients and rather than a drink they decided to create a supplement – one that would hopefully replace those massive fish oil capsules Marcus had to suffer taking.

From this day on, YourZooki was born and committed to creating supplements and wellness products that were backed up by science.

YourZooki is now a UK company working with leading food scientists and ingredient suppliers from all over the world. 

Each product in the YourZooki range has been designed to be the best, most effective and most enjoyable of its kind. 

With this philosophy, YourZooki are continuing to have a hugely positive impact on people’s lives.

 “Our first big product we did was Omega3 Zooki – and in terms of taste, bioavailability and the quality of ingredients, it was unrivalled,” explained Jack.

“We now found ourselves in the supplement industry and we fell in love with it. We had so many ideas for how to improve upon products that had dominated the industry for years.”

Their next big launch was a Liposomal Vitamin C product called Vitamin C Zooki. This is a product where the Vitamin C has been encapsulated in Liposomes (tiny bubbles of phospholipids) so the Vitamin C is more bioavailable for the cells.

Not only is this way more effective, but incredibly enjoyable compared to your typical Vitamin C product.

“As we went along and looked to expand our range, there was a philosophy that was at the heart of the process – for any product in the range, we design them to be the best, most effective and most enjoyable in their category,” said Marcus.

It was with this philosophy that the brand broke into the booming UK CBD industry. From the get-go, they wanted to improve the quality of products on the market and educate people more about CBD.

Jack said: “Many people were slow to invest in this market or those that did have seemingly bent the rules to get around marketing regulations.

“We were keen to avoid this in launching our product and wanted to go out of our way to deliver something for the higher end of the market.”

Since its launch, YourZooki’s CBD Oil was the first of its kind to be sold on QVC and has since been sold in Harrods, Selfridges, Planet Organics and John Bell & Croyden – the Queen’s pharmacy. 

Thanks to their work the firm has seen incredible growth in turnover and is now looking to introduce further innovations into its product line to continue its success. 

James Caldwell
Editor for the Business Bible. James took on the role in March 2019 and shares his vast experience of International Business and Trade. James was previously Director of an international events company in Manchester and still remains active in the events industry.
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