The new UK Digital Tax, which is expected to be unveiled on the 11th March’s budget, is not expected to bother one of it’s biggest payers – Amazon.

The Digital Tax is expected to place a 2% levy on revenue in the UK for tech businesses. The focus will be to target those that which pay little or none at all in corporation tax because their EU HQ’s such as Ireland or Luxembourg.

Amazon has warned they may pass on any potential costs to the independant businesses and traders that use their platform to sell their goods. Most sales on the Amazon Website are actually through small businesses that use the platform.

Amazon France did the very same thing when the French Government introduced a 3% Tax Rate.

“We are very committed to the UK for the long term. We have three R&D sites and two corporate offices. As long as the UK continues to be a place where we get great talent and we have customers to serve, we will continue to be committed.”

Doug Gurr, Amazon UK

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