Remember the excitement and passion of starting your business? Seeing business pick up and grow is inspiration enough to motivate you and keep up your energy. But then, when the first flush is over, the company is established, and it becomes business as usual – there’s the danger of the mundane.

If you’re of an entrepreneurial mindset, you may miss the excitement of development – you might even become bored and disillusioned. Often, the problem is our attitude. As business owners life can be stressful enough – with multiple priorities and pulls on your time, it can be hard to get a good balance – let alone feel happy and excited again.

September 23rd-27th is International Happiness at Work Week – the ideal time to prioritise your mental wellbeing at work. So, how about looking at some ways to feel happier in your working day – as a business owner – and how to fall in love (again) with your business? Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Follow a few tips to approach life and business, get back your mojo and feel great about work again.

  1. Create a Positive List – After the novelty of setting up your business is over, negativity can creep in. This can cause a downward spiral, so stop it in its tracks. Every day – either when you first wake up, or when you get into work, make a list of five things you enjoy about your business, and your role. Do this every morning – thinking of different ‘likes’ wherever you can – for 2 weeks. This will help to turn your thinking around to brighter, more positive things, and reconnect you with what you love about your work.
  • Face the Worst First – Mark Twain claimed that if you ate a live frog first thing every morning, at least you’d know that you’d got the worst thing over and done with – so the rest of your day will be a breeze. So, don’t procrastinate.  Make that dreaded call, do that big task you hate. Don’t put off that significant job and have it hanging over you. Make it your first priority, and you’ll find that after that, all that follows will prove easy.
  • Change your Mind – Watch what you tell yourself – because it affects your belief in yourself and others’ actions. If you think, ‘my Management Team dislike me’ you will subconsciously be hyper-alert to anything that provides proof of your belief. Even if you totally misinterpret a ‘funny look’ – it confirms that (imagined) concern. Focus your mind on positives instead. Look for the good in people and their actions. It will make you feel much better.
  • Get a Good Return on your Effort – Early in the day, you have energy and mental bandwidth, so focus on the important pieces of work that will give you the most value and return on your investment in time. Ask yourself: ‘what task can I do now, that will significantly progress my business?’ This helps you to achieve your goals, improve your productivity, decrease your stress and complete significant tasks that you might otherwise put off. Avoid juggling and multi-tasking. Just focus on single projects or tasks in turn, to be more productive.
  • Have fun –Work can be seriously fun. Companies like Apple and Google positively encouraged experimentation – for example, Google Labs was said to be a playground where users could play around with prototypes of some of their wild and crazy ideas and offer feedback directly to the engineers who developed them.  Inject innovation, fun and creativity into your working day – and encourage others to play, and innovate. Just smiling can release endorphins – those happiness hormones decrease stress and make us feel good. Find ways to add humour into business – respectfully. Start meetings by sharing jokes, or introduce laughter yoga to your team, hold witty product-name or project idea competitions, or organise social events and staff nights out.

Engage your managers, staff, and even your clients, inviting them to contribute ways to make business happier, better, and more enjoyable. After all – if you’re doing something you love, you’ll never have to ‘work’ again.