Following a few weeks of editing, we’re happy to announce the first of our podcasts for the Entrepreneur Stories with Graeme Purdy who has recently released his first full collection.

Eight Feet

A collection of unique wildlife mages of some of the planet’s most iconic and most loved animals such as lions, mountain gorillas, elephants and leopards. As the title suggests, all the images within the book are taken from within incredibly close proximity. This provides a different perspective and a more intimate and engaging view of these animals from within their world. Each image is accompanied with stories and anecdotes that bring alive the personalities and characters of the animals. Every aspect of this book is intended to be a piece of art, right down to the cloth bound hard back this books aims to be something different and of the utmost quality. A proportion of proceeds from this book are going to National Park Rescue to enable them to continue their outstanding work in savings our diminishing levels of African wildlife from poaching.