Meet the incredible entrepreneur who founded an incredible personal development program that is helping people globally – Melanie turned her back on RESILIENCE and POSITIVE THINKING, stepping out of the mental trap and in to freedom… 

Mel Pledger, 54 is an entrepreneur and Founder of DNA Light Up – a groundbreaking personal development program that sets to help people suffering personal adversity break through to the light at the end of the tunnel, it has been created to hold a mirror up to the challenges of today’s society and empower us with the message that whatever adversity we are facing all have the strength within to shine.

Mel recently spearheaded activity that has brought together an extraordinary collection of 30 real-life stories from men and women all over the world who have overcome modern-day issues, fighting back to become the best version of themselves.

With its collection of real-life stories that shine a light on the diverse and often debilitating pressure we all face today – and how it feels to break free from limitations, ‘B.O.L.L.O.C.K.S to That, I Choose to Shine!’ captured the attention of readers globally, flying up the Amazon charts. 

Perhaps the catchy title may have attracted attention but in actual fact ‘B.O.L.L.O.C.K.S’  is a robust, registered trademarked acronym standing for “Beliefs Often Limit Life’s Opportunities Constantly Killing Success”. 

After many years working in the field of professional and personal development, Mel thought she knew all the answers. She’d successfully overcome her own traumas and helped countless others to do the same. She had a thriving business working with leaders in the corporate world. She had a son she adored and a beautiful farmhouse in South-west France. Then came the moment it turned out that pretty much everything she’d believed about life was actually B.O.L.L.O.C.K.S.

In 2009, Melanie discovered her husband had been unfaithful. On a daily basis she resigned herself to labouring through the endless nightmare of debts, deceit and debris that had continued to surface since she started uncovering his infidelity. Finding enough money to simply buy food had become a struggle. After a horrific meeting with her mortgage advisor, where she felt sick of being the victim, something clicked in her. She decided to tell herself that ‘all I need is already within me’ and repeated it to herself over and over again in order to drown out the doubts and fears that were telling her the opposite.

Although she had no idea at the time, this was the birth of what is now known as DNA Light Up. She said: “DNA Light up is not like any therapy that exists – and it’s not meditation or mindfulness either. It’s an experiential, light-hearted yet profound journey that is completed in full consciousness and in a playful manner. Light Up is based on the absolute knowing, and indisputable personal proof, that we already have the answers within us. It is more about looking at things with fresh eyes, remembering and un-learning – particularly much of the conditioning that society has led us to believe is good for us – rather than about acquiring new knowledge. Through continued practice and experiment, it has now evolved in to a step-by-step structured process through which we can identify and link with the core of who we really are – call it what you like… your spark, soul, core, gut-feeling, inner-knowing, spirit…. It doesn’t matter how you term it, what matters is connecting to its power.”

Melanie went from feeling exhausted by life and feeling at rock bottom to founding the very successful and popular DNA Light Up pathway – a self-development programme that hundreds of people worldwide have been on.

Today, Mel and her growing team of Professional Activators guide others to recognise and blast through the unhelpful aspects of conditioning that we all buy into at some point. DNA Light Up works with individuals (men, women and children) as well as families, groups, organisations and businesses. Together they are turning the tables and changing the game.

Mel said: “Today I am more at peace with myself and the world around me than I’ve ever been before. Today I’m filled with a constant sense of excitement and curiosity. I find I can move through difficulties more quickly and easily than ever before. There’s a magic to life and a sense of wonderment, safety and belonging. I am alive to my feelings, whatever they may be at any moment in time. The good, bad and ugly all have their place.”

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