Manchester business-owner, Neil Degg from specialist training provider, The Training Hub, has developed a unique nationwide project called ‘The Big Initiative;’  the UK’s first cohort of free preventative online courses for young people across the UK on subjects such as gangs, knife crime, gambling, bullying, self-harm and more.

The Big Initiative is the only dedicated online platform that works hand-in-hand with leading practitioners and experts to bring young people and their families free support and guidance that will help change lives.

Entrepreneur Neil has very strong views on the importance of providing preventive resources arising from his own childhood experiences.  Growing up in a deprived area of Manchester inspired Neil to create this unique programme and give back to society.  Today The Big Initiative is helping to make a big difference to young people in Manchester and across the UK, enabling young people to deal with issues that could have a negative impact on their life.  The key goal of The Big Initiative is to not only empower young people, but to educate them on the dangers of issues such as knife crime and enable them to have an impact on their social circle; helping young people make better choices in life, and fulfil their potential.

Neil Degg, managing director at The Training Hub said, “The Big Initiative is a nationwide project that provides knowledge, skills and vital support to young people on the key topics that may affect their life in today’s world; knife crime, gangs, and bullying are all big issues in society that many young people face, and preventative resources are absolutely vital steps in the effort to tackle these issues. The Big Initiative is all about helping and empowering young people, as well as empowering them to help others.”

Every time a young person completes a free online course via The Big Initiative, they are entered into a prize draw with the opportunity to win prizes ranging from iPads and mobile phones to concert tickets and day trips.

In addition to free training for young people, The Big Initiative also provides free online training and resources for parents; designed to empower people to be the best parents they can be.  The free parental online courses include subjects such as reflective practice and listening skills, autistic spectrum disorder and bullying, plus well-being courses that cover subjects such as depression and suicide, and drugs and alcohol awareness.

For further information visit The Big Initiative, email or call 0161 884 3000, and follow us on Twitter @BigInitiative_