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Entrepreneur’s Story – Maureen Fearon – Emotional and Behavioural Consultant and Trainer

Fighting the rising mental health issues, Maureen Fearon, a trainer and therapy specialist is a powerful force empowering individuals to resolve issues and helps individuals design their best futures with confidence.

Maureen, who admits she is best known for her adventurous approach and mindset of “anything is possible”, thrives on conquering a challenge. That could be converting a room of corporate sceptics to the wisdom of Emotional Intelligence, improving negotiation skills to life changing emotional re-programming raw grief. Often individuals come to Maureen as a last resort believing nothing is possible.

Issues including unstoppable tears, panic attacks, heartbreak, stress, anxiety, depression, phobias,  networking anxieties (many are not only anxious but rubbish at networking, which is all changeable.) Maureen has seen a range of emotional and mental health concerns and helps people in business to overcome these to set them on their way to a more successful future.

From her early days as a building services manager, Maureen was responsible for a variety of teams. Despite this she took the brave step in 2004 giving up a good salary to go self-employed. Aiming to help single people find quality relationships. On one of her many BBC  radio appearances radio, she was christened the Love Guru a label which has stuck! 

So began her business and learning journey. She was soon asked to deliver corporate training. Having invested in NLP and other training qualifications she began designing what is now an extensive portfolio of dynamic, effective training programs. Along the way, she came across emotional therapy techniques which achieved quality results FAST. Maureen admits she hates to see people suffering for longer than they need to and this has been a driver in her continued search for knowledge and techniques to help people overcome their own issues. She is thrilled to see the results she has facilitated. She became the first in the world to be a trainer of the Inner-repatterning process, first launched in 2010. She has worked with young and old, from scouts, young enterprise teenagers to Blue Chip directors.

“This is saving her from suicide and equipping her to design her best future!”

One of the moving moments working with an SME business owner with cash flow problems, who went on to flourish. Maureen uses the tools of her trade on herself when needed,  which has helped her through the challenges many business-people experience and developed her impressive business toolkit. The tapestry of her journey, contains continuous learning, seeking the most effective and time efficient solutions for her clients. She promotes being as happy as is possible. Her enthusiasm is fuelled by the successes of clients, watching them change, perform and thrive to levels they didn’t think possible.

Now Maureen is focused on bringing effective mental health solutions, emotional resilience and confidence training to the workplace.

Whilst Maureen confirms the companies themselves see an improved benefit in their bottom lines from reduced absenteeism to improved performance. Attenders love the fun training too. Their buzz post learning is infectious. Currently she is training facilitators for Mentell, a support group for men, effectively helping  others struggling with life issues (currently holding meetings in Stockport and Hyde.) 

At the end of the interview Maureen admits she isn’t finished helping people:
“What would you like to change? Remember we’re re-programmable.  Spread the word: We CAN change and shift the blocks to our success and happiness. The first step is making contact, take action and step closer to making dreams a reality.”

WWW.maureenfearon.co.uk   https://www.mentell.org.uk

James Caldwell
Editor for the Business Bible. James took on the role in March 2019 and shares his vast experience of International Business and Trade. James was previously Director of an international events company in Manchester and still remains active in the events industry.
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