A London-based tech company are hoping to inspire innovation in the workplace by launching their own limited-edition brand of coffee this month.

Sideways 6 is a Shoreditch-based tech firm helping large organisations to collect, manage and act on employee ideas, insight and feedback. Often called ‘idea management’ or ‘innovation management’, the aim is simple: to help build better businesses with happier employees.

As a company all about ideas and innovation, Sideways 6 are now launching their ‘Clever Bean Coffee’ to promote creativity and boost productivity in the workplace.

The limited production saw around 250 cans of cold latte macchiato produced, which will be offered to clients and partners to help boost their cognitive performance – a claim backed up by scientific study. Or, as it says on the cans, ‘innovation stimulation.’

The new coffee product line joins Sideways 6’s ‘Idea Beer’, ‘Innovation Sauvignon’ and ‘Pinovation Noir’, which were created in light of numerous studies highlighting the link between alcohol consumption and improved creativity; something the tech startup are passionate about.

“Following the positive feedback we received on our two alcoholic efforts, it was a no-brainer to complete the circle with a caffeine-based drink to help people convert their ideas into action.”

“Giving employees a voice and listening to their ideas is what Sideways 6 is all about. We truly believe in the power of employee ideas and intrapreneurship, and this is just a light-hearted example of what that can look like in practice.”


For more information on Sideways 6 and Clever Bean Coffee, please visit http://www.sideways6.com.