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From Invisible to Invincible

Anna Parker-Naples is an award-winning NLP Business Mentor and Success coach, helping clients achieve success, visibility, transformation and recognition. She has walked the red carpet in LA whilst working as a voice actress, and won awards alongside Adele and Holly Willoughby for inspiring other women. These days, she is comfortable putting herself “out there” and is at ease with her public profile, but it hasn’t always been that way. Here is Anna’s entrepreneur story about transforming her mindset, overcoming fears and going from ‘Invisible to Invincible’! 

As a teenager Anna was attacked and bullied and as a result, from the age of 16, she hid –  preferring to be invisible for most of her adult life. At the age of 18, Anna’s aspirations for an acting career were dashed when she failed to get into the Drama School RADA. After this knock-back, and her experience of bullying, Anna decided it was best to keep her face away from the cameras and bright lights – opting to remain invisible. Instead she used her voice to pave out a successful career as an award-winning voice actor.

During her third pregnancy, Anna suffered horrendously from symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), when she went from walking and being totally active, to needing crutches, then a Zimmer frame, and finally to being confined to a wheelchair. Anna found herself at her lowest ebb emotionally, struggling because of her reliance on others for the simplest day to day tasks. She felt useless, unappealing, even abandoned. Her beliefs about needing to remain invisible were painfully reinforced.

After her baby was safely born, Anna decided to revisit hypnosis to help her deal with her emotions – a therapy she had experienced many years before. What happened that day changed her life. She was introduced to the process of NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming) and was encouraged to change her language from mentioning and dwelling on pain, to thinking about healing and levels of comfort. After that one session, she put in place a strategy for changing negative thoughts about how disabled and limited she was, into what opportunities there were around her and the effect was astonishing.

Around the same time, a voiceover producer had found an old CD of hers that she had compiled and rang to book her for a job. Although in discomfort, with the help of her family she managed to travel there on crutches, rather than in the wheelchair. What Anna learned about the voiceover world that day gave her enormous inspiration; she discovered she could work remotely, from her own home if she invested in a small studio area and quality microphone. That was exhilarating – she could still perform from her own home and from her wheelchair.

Voiceover work became a beacon of hope and she threw herself into it as a way to express herself creatively, and to reclaim a sense of self. She fitted in recording for commercials, animation and video games around being there for the children, recording internationally for many top brands and companies including; Superdrug, FC Barcelona, Mothercare, Anna also narrated audio books by; Jill Mansell, Prue Leith, Beezy Marsh, Richard Matheson, Scott Brick and RC Bray. Gaining confidence in the booth gave her something positive and exciting to focus on, and kept her thoughts well away from discomfort and physical struggle. Slowly, surely, Anna recovered. She is now fully able to run, walk and jump around with her children.

In this world of social media, where much of our communication is through a filtered portal, one-step removed from reality, there is something special about meeting someone in person. You can build rapport and relationship in a way that is impossible to replicate online. You can get a sense of what makes a person human, what makes them laugh, what challenges they face. You can match and mirror their body language and feel as though you are creating a sense of belonging.

Anna Parker Napels

Anna achieved career highs many would only dream of. Working as a voiceover artist and audiobook narrator, Anna has received many awards and accolades, and found herself on the red carpet with Erin Brockovich and William Shatner. However, this success could never be fully enjoyed as Anna recognised it was all under a guise: voiceover work still allowed her to be invisible most of the time. 

The voice acting industry, combined with her experience of the benefits of NLP inspired her on a path of coaching and personal development. She observed how people would often be hard on themselves and not see their own talents and abilities; something Anna could relate to. She realised that she had learned so much about how to think and act as a result of throwing herself into NLP, hypnosis and personal development, and decided that she had a bigger mission: to teach others to do the same. Anna is passionate about sharing her story to help other people turn their lives around and overcome any obstacles that they may feel are in their way – from Invisible to Invincible!

In order to build her business, Anna had to overcome a very real (and probably very common fear). She used to feel anxious about networking; Would she belong? Would she come across as credible? Now, she has seen major returns for her business as a result of showing up where people of influence were going to be.

“We remember people more when we meet them face to face, when we shake them by the hand. When you are networking, everyone in the room has a shared experience: that they journeyed to be there.

“I used to feel anxious about networking, but I’ve seen major returns for my business as a result of showing up where people of influence were going to be. The fear came down to a fear of not belonging, of not being credible. NLP and limiting belief work shifted this for me, and is why it’s a core part of what I coach other people through now.

“I came to understand that the connection and belonging was there if I chose to seek it out. It has transformed networking for me. You don’t have to be the most extrovert or ‘most popular’ in the room to get great results and meet interesting people. And if you’re willing to really meet people, not just talk about your business, that’s when networking becomes invaluable.”

Anna Parker Napels

Anna works with entrepreneurs and creatives across the world to help them ‘get out of their own way and stop playing small’ through 1-2-1 sessions and group coaching online and in person through her award-winning programmes, memberships and workshops. Anna has recently founded a movement to empower others to go from being Invisible to Invincible – supporting those with big dreams who feel stuck, small & frustrated in finding their voice and having the confidence to transform their lives and create more success.

Anna also regularly speaks on national and international platforms.

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