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Entrepreneur Story – Abigail Horne – Mother’s Day

After a decade in the corporate world, Abigail Horne felt the work-life balance, or lack of, was no longer working for her… so she created her own career path and became a multiple six-figure earner, multiple best-selling author, the Founder of two highly successful businesses helping other female entrepreneurs and was showcased in 2018 by Forbes as one of the hottest Female Entrepreneurs to watch – all whilst being a mum of two.

Here, she shares her entrepreneur story…

Leaving school at 16 and going straight into a full time job, Abigail Horne soon quickly realised that she wanted to be successful.

However, at the age of 20 her desire for a successful career had to take a back seat as she focused on just trying to get to work everyday whilst she managed her health after the sudden onset of degenerative arthritis of her spine.  At 24, Abigail became a mum, and with the pure joy of having her son she simply wanted to work part time. However, she spent a lot of her maternity leave battling with her then employer over reducing her hours only resulting in wasting her only bit of time with her son, Ted, and returning to work full-time when he was just 5 months old. “It literally broke my heart.”

Spending the following year on antidepressants in a low state not just over her lack of time with Ted but over the pain she was living in, Abigail soon realised that she was just existing, and this was in no way a life….

“Looking back, I realise that I didn’t have that love or desire to fight through my pain to make other people rich… I needed to find my own passion. So at 26, having completely had enough, I walked out of my 10 year management career and went to work in sales management in another city commuting up to 4 hours every day. However, this wasn’t the best decision for my family as the hours were longer, but I knew I would never be able to discover who I am whilst still in that office affecting my mental health and confidence.”

Abigail Horne

After just a few weeks working with people who showed Abigail more respect in days than she had been shown in 10 years, her confidence began to grow again.

“I didn’t dread going to work, I just missed too many precious moments with my son and I started to suffer physically with so much driving and I knew something had to change for good.”

Abigail Horne

Abigail Horne decided to leave the corporate world with a clear vision and set out to pursue her dream of online coaching, networking and marketing. 

Abigail wanted to prove to her old employer that you can be a mum and have a career that works for you.

Alongside her network marketing ventures, she also decided to invest in her own energy company, which saw her generate a multiple six-figure income stream. After becoming a very successful young entrepreneur herself, she turned her attention to helping other women achieve their ambitions, setting up Female Success Network followed by Authors & Co.

“It is true that stars cannot shine without darkness, I am so grateful for my struggles because without them I would never have found my strength. The joy of what I do now is knowing that I have helped many people achieve the same level of freedom – not only financially – but freedom from the corporate rat race, freedom to be a mum, freedom to work flexibly, freedom to follow dreams, freedom to achieve those goals… freedom to explore who you are, what you bring and the endless possibilities and limitless opportunities…”

Abigail Horne

Abigail launched Female Success Network (https://www.femalesuccessnetwork.com/) in 2017 to help other women who felt that they wanted to take more control of their lives, whether in their career or business. FSN offers monthly learning bundles for women looking to start and grow a self-employed business. It also offers 1:1 strategy sessions and coaching programmes.

In 2017, Abigail proudly became a number 1 best-selling author in multiple categories on Amazon with her collaborative book ‘She Made it Happen’ where she openly shared her story of burnout and rising from the ashes. Following this success, Abigail co-founded and launched Authors & Co (https://authorsandco.com/) – helping women globally to become “best-selling authors” in their chosen industries. Authors & Co has been a natural progression from FSN as Abigail heard so many women’s stories that she felt needed sharing, to help empower them and celebrate their journeys, but also to inspire others.

Authors & Co has already changed the lives of so many women and female entrepreneurs from around the world. In just over one year, Abigail has created 23 bestselling books and helped over sixty women globally to become best-selling authors, whilst reaching millions of readers worldwide. Some ladies who have launched their debut books with Authors & Co have generated over £100K following their book launch! Abigail said;

“I am overwhelmed at the incredible success we have had since launching Authors & Co and the difference these books and best-sellers have had on our amazing authors. We launched Authors & Co so that everyone had the opportunity to be guided through the whole process by a team of people who have been there and achieved Number 1 Bestseller Success! I love helping others bring a book to life and helping them to tell their story. Becoming an author is an incredible experience, one that we are honoured to share. We believe in the power of books and have seen how they can open a whole new world of limitless opportunities to each author. Writing a book is leaving a legacy, it’s giving a part of yourself to the future to last for all time!”

Abigail Horne

Abigail’s latest passion project saw her use her entrepreneurial skills, her publishing expertise and her passion driven by her love for her new baby daughter to make an

impact this International Women’s Day. Abigail launched the collaboration book ‘The Woman I’m Becoming’ with proceeds providing scholarships to young women nationwide – and within hours of it’s release it was number 1 on the Amazon book charts. Abigail brought together women from across the world to inspire the females of our future and in doing so created a best-selling book – capturing the attention of people globally.

“I was delighted with the books success. I set about bringing this International Women’s Day book to life when I was 20 weeks pregnant, after finding out I was having a baby girl. Within 2 days of asking others to come on board, I had been inundated by messages from other women from around the globe who wanted to be a part of this very special book aimed at empowering 14-18 year olds.”

Abigail Horne

In the foreword, Abigail Horne dedicates the book to her 9-week-old daughter Polly Rae Horne. She said;

“I have dedicated my career to supporting women, but on finding out I was having you my precious angel, my soul set on fire with desire to support the incredible females of our future. My purpose in life is to show you what is possible Polly, so dream big my sweet girl.”

Abigail Horne

Of course, there have been challenges along the way and, for Abigail, these have tested her to the extreme. She has battled with depression, online bullying and a subsequent breakdown as well as other debilitating health issues. Every time she has fought back and, most importantly, been open about everything she has been through. Now, not only does she inspire others who may be struggling, she is more determined than ever to use her experiences to help and inspire others.

Abigail’s son is now 7-year-old son and this year he became a big brother to 3-month-old daughter, Polly and it is her children that keep her going through the tough times. She says,

“Giving up would only teach them that following your dreams isn’t worth it, so I will never give up. I will always show them that we are limitless and can achieve anything we want to in life.”

“I live for my family and friends and every day I wake up just excited to make new memories. The beauty of what I do means that I get to help other people live their dreams too.”

“So, that’s my personal entrepreneurial story. I hope it highlights that life isn’t always perfect and that’s ok. I don’t want a perfect life, I want a happy life.”

Abigail Horne

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