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Entrepreneur’s Story – Stacey Wilkinson – Global Independent Headhunter

Stacey Wilkinson grew up in a highly abusive household, she never knew her father and the relationship she had with her mother was extremely toxic.

Most kids can’t wait to leave school and get back home. Not Stacey Wilkinson, she stayed after school and threw herself into education and attended every after-school club and class she could, just to avoid going home and escape another beating.

Despite a toxic home life, by focusing on her education Stacey broke the mould and came out of high school with 10 GCSEs A*/A and was in the local paper for having the best exam results in the city that year. Realising that she couldn’t study for further education in such a toxic and abusive home environment, Stacey decided to put herself into care at 17 – she recalls arriving at that kids’ home as being the most intimidating moment of her life, but the sad fact was, that she still felt safer there than being at home with her own mother.

“I think I was a bit of an abnormality at this kids’ accommodation, as I was the only one going out at 8am everyday with my portfolio, whereas the others were all drinking or on drugs, none were working.”

Stacey Wilkinson

After living in supported accommodation for 12 months, Stacey was able to get her own council flat at the age of 18 where she stayed for 6 years whilst studying for her degree.

“With my newfound freedom at 17, I didn’t really have any respect for anyone in authority – such as managers – people who might try and stifle me like my mother did.”

Stacey Wilkinson

Stacey found that her workmates often didn’t know how to take her – she admits she was often opinionated and was relishing the fact she could speak out without being physically hurt. But, due to her wild outspoken side, it meant that Stacey tended to either walk out or get fired from some of places she worked, each time managing to cause a revolution of some sort – disagreeing with a management decision or the way a colleague was treated.

“I couldn’t be tamed but I was desperately seeking approval.”

It took Stacey a long time to recover from the first time she was fired as she was the top seller and genuinely loved the job. However, this cycle of being fired or encouraged to leave seemed to continue as she went from radio sales, to working on air as a rock DJ (and brief stint as a wedding DJ), to an estate agent…. this led to a short term depression, staying in bed, not leaving the house and turning her phone off for days – Stacey found that her confidence was at an all-time low and she eventually called the charity Mind who helped her to establish a routine again and build up her confidence and mindset.

“I am proof that you can get back on your feet and now retrospectively, I see that each time it has happened, it was life pushing me towards something greater.”

Stacey Wilkinson

Stacey was always the best salesperson in any company and excelled in each role – she found that she could sell anything, as long as she believed in the product. Stacey gradually afforded the rent of nicer flats in the city centre, before eventually buying her own place near Spinningfields.

Stacey Wilkinson Football Shirt

The Entrepreneur and independant style of Stacey came to the forefront and she decided she would never work for anyone ever again. She decided that she wasn’t going to be ashamed of being different anymore.

When you’re not happy in your work, it causes a black cloud to loom over you and a kind of mental fog, which slowly seeps in, causing stress and infecting other areas of your life. When this happens, it’s time to get out, for your sanity if nothing else. Now, I am happy. I feel free. I don’t have the fear that someone will pull me into a room and tell me that my face doesn’t fit, or I’m too opinionated, or ‘too influential’ like at one company. And now at last, I can finally be myself!”

Stacey Wilkinson

Last year, Stacey decided to put all of her years of experience in recruitment and sales into becoming a Global Independent Head-hunter in the Tech Industry. Stacey speaks four languages English, French, Spanish and Swahili and is now one of the top global independent head-hunters in the tech world, recruiting for global companies.

Stacey is Manchester-based but works wherever there is an available flight and good Wi-Fi. She has carved out and created a highly successful career for herself that combines her two passions- tech and travel!

Stacey can now combine her career with her passion to travel and to date Stacey has travelled to over 75 countries, across 6 continents! Stacey is just about to embark on her 76th country and aims to get to 80 countries this year!

Stacey Wilkinson travel

Stacey blogs about her travelling on – www.wilkosworldrocks.com.

As part of her travels and network building, she has hosted events alongside the likes of Millionaire Underdog JT Foxx who she will be accompanying to a large event in LA called Mega Success later this year and sharing a stage with International Stars from around the world. She has also networked and holidayed with Mr Simon Cowell!

As a result of her international high-profile connections, Stacey is able to grow the world’s most innovative tech start-ups by finding them the best talent, from her global pool of candidates. Stacey’s aim is to enjoy complete freedom in inspiring surroundings, whilst building some of the most innovative tech teams in the world… following in the footsteps of one of her icons Tony Robbins, who once said “the key to complete freedom is, I do what I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.”

You can follow Stacey Wilkinson on Instagram here.

James Caldwell
Editor for the Business Bible. James took on the role in March 2019 and shares his vast experience of International Business and Trade. James was previously Director of an international events company in Manchester and still remains active in the events industry.
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