Best Business Proposal ever


We’ve all had dubious business proposals sent to us by people on LinkedIn and email. In fact we keep a special folder full of the worst ones on LinkedIn we have ever received, that’s going to be a looooong one when we come to share that list one day.

However @Memeulous, shared his recent proposal he received on Twitter and we had to read it two or three times to get there.

So in context Memeulous is a YouTuber with 3,202,525 subscribers as of Sunday the 17th March, and basically a game producer wants him to feature his new game and even written out a script for him to read with “friends”.

The fact he mentions his Dad is potentially peculiar, we don’t follow Memeulous, so we are hoping his Dad is in his vidoes otherwise it’s just going to get a bit weirder…..

You can checkout Memeulous and his YouTube channel here – don’t send him any more proposals though.