Disqualified Director, gets another ban as insolvency officer finds “stooge” Director


Ok, when we got this update through from the insolvency service that they had prosecuted Jane Catherine Bernadette Goodfellow and gave her a second ban lasting 12 years and at the same time 5 years for Clare Louise Watts (both from Yeovil). Our eyes lit up when they said Jane Goodfellow had been running the Cafe as a “Stooge Director”.

The Three Stooges

Yeovil Wine Vaults Ltd is a restaurant in Yeovil, known locally as the Wine Vaults. The company went into liquidation three and a half years after forming in October 2013, with Clare Watts the only director.

Liquidators reporter Clare and Jane to the Insolvency service when they became suspicious about who had actually been running the company.

Jane Goodfellow, appears to have many different names James, Murphy and Goodchild (last one sounds like a bond villain). Jane had been dealing with all the business elements, however Jane was already subject to a 22 year disqualification from 2006 after her printing company “Peaceflight Limited” went bust.

It gets better, as Yeovil Wine Vaults, never filed tax returns, or event paid any tax whatsoever.

Dave Elliott, Chief Investigator for the Insolvency Service, said:

When Jane Goodfellow appeared in court more than 10 years ago, she would have been made fully aware by the judge that she was explicitly banned from acting in the management of a company. But Jane Goodfellow thought she could get round her disqualification when she got her former colleague to act as a stooge director, leaving her to run the restaurant as she pleased.

However, as the restaurant collapsed their misdemeanours came to light, resulting in significant bans for the both of them. This result should make it very clear to disqualified directors who ignore their bans and continue to act as directors, as well as those who assist them, that they will be vigorously pursued by the Insolvency Service.