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Persimmon Homes sues BT, but no one seems to be on their side.

Persimmon has launched a lawsuit against BT, everyone’s favourite installer of Phone Lines and Broadband (hint of sarcasm is included).

Persimmon is suing BT for failing to pay for high-speed internet connections at hundreds of new homes that it built from 2008 -2016. Persimmon is claiming that BT owes £7.2m plus interest for the installation of phone lines and internet cables on 759 of its developments. The telecoms giant is accused of ‘frustrating’ the process of inspection and certification – again shock horror.

Persimmon installed the lines for the properties and its normaly practice for companies to be reimbursed from BT/ Openreach as they are meant to be providing this through their Government contract. BT have been slow to reply and reimburse though, leading to Persimmons losing their temper and taking them to court.

Why are people rounding on Persimmon?

It’s not great timing for Persimmons, they’ve just posted a £1.1 billion (yes billion) profit which many in the internet world shows that they are profiting heavily from the Government’s Help to Buy Scheme. There are also a growing number of complaints over the quality of its homes since 2008, with many saying that they have overcharged and under delivered on their new-builds.

Persimmons are on the big FTSE 100 companies and not known for their positive company image. However, if the general consensus is to round on you and not BT (who are ranked as 1 star out of 5 on Trustpilot), you know you have to be getting something wrong, PR wise anyway.

Whilst we aren’t the BBC and we don’t have offer balance in our pieces, it’s worth pointing out that Persimmon Homes is ranked 3 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot:


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