Remember when you sat at School complaining that 90% of what you were learning was useless in Maths?

Q – Susan has 500 apples and wants to share 15% of these with her friends

For a start, why did Susan always have so many Apples! Not only that, but we complained that we would never need this type of Maths in the modern world. Except we absolutely do…..

Replace Apples with Networking Cables, or work out the sales funnel for your business as a percentage dropout per stage. You will see that working out Percentages is ridiculously important to making business decisions based on facts.

Thankfully “Maths Whizz” (SkyNews called him this not us) Ben Stephens, randomly Tweeted his formula for solving all difficult Percentage based problems.

This actually works, test it out for yourself

20% of 90 = 18

90% of 20 = 18

Thankfully its not just our minds that were blown, but even Maths teachers had to admit they didn’t know this formula:

So Twitter can be useful for more than reading Donald Trump’s final rant before her hits the red button or Cat Gifs.

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