Earlier this year we wrote about how ManageFlitter and two other Twitter App services were disconnected from Twitters’ API service following breaches of Twitters rules. Since then they have all remained disconnected, with many users now looking for alternatives to ManageFlitter to manage their Business Twitter accounts.

Full Disclosure – we used ManageFlitter, we liked a lot of its functions and reporting and it helped us understand how to be more relevant to our audience. Rules are rules though and it’s Twitters platform so we and around 4,014,967 (according to ManageFlitter’s website) are either waiting for ManageFlitter to remove the parts of its service Twitter says is in breach of its Terms or find new ways to help understand our Twitter reach by looking at alternatives to ManagerFlitter.

We asked Owen Williams, MD of @SimlSocial and Previously Head of Editorial Strategy, BBC Content Social, Head of Social of BBCOne & BBCWales why this was important and were Twitter right to shut them down?

We asked our Twitter Followers what are they using now instead of ManageFlitter and this is what they and us have suggested.

manageflitter alternatives

1 – Twiends – Recommended by @BizBibleUK (that’s us)

For the last several weeks we have been trying out Twiends who offer a directory service for Twitter accounts. They stress that their focus is on growing your Twitter follows in compliant with Twitter rules.

We help other people find and follow you on Twitter. We’re a directory of users listed by country and interests. Adding yourself is quick and easy and will have people connecting with you straight away.

You may get twitter followers on twiends, but this happens through a process of discovery made by each user. We do not sell Twitter followers and we do not automatically add followers to your account.

manageflitter alternatives

2 – Cloohawk – Recommended by @Voquent

I’m Al Black and I’m responsible for all the marketing at Voquent.com – we’re the fastest growing voice over agency in the world.

One of the reasons for this growth is Cloohawk.

With Cloohawk you can quickly engage and grow your Twitter audience organically. You can queue up follow / unfollow / like / retweet tasks and connect with users using specific hashtags. As a B2B it’s often difficult to grow a social account, Cloohawk has helped us to grow our audience from nothing to 2,000+ followers in a very short time and maintain a high level of interactivity with our posts.

manageflitter alternatives

3 – Sprout Social – Recommended by @FastWebMedia

Rob Weatherhead from Fast Web Media shared their thoughts “We have just gone through a process of reviewing our social tools and so this is a particularly pertinent one. Historically we mainly used Hootsuite, however we found it wasn’t providing us with the functionality at the level of our license, and given we were looking at increasing our costs for software, thought it was a good time to investigate alternatives”. We researched 4 and chose Sprout Social.

This allows us all of the functionality we need to manage and monitor social accounts across all core platforms, with the ability to scale up further should we need to in the future, and without forking out for an annual cost.
It also has an added extension of social listening should we wish to utilise it in the future.
When you consider the cost difference can be up to 1000% my recommendation to any business other than a large corporate is to choose something with the flexibility to either extend or switch as your needs develop.
Who knows what is around the corner in social and what you will require from a software, flexibility is key.

What would you suggest for companies looking for alternatives to ManageFlitter, comment below or Tweet us at BizBibleUK?


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