Happy Bird has closed its doors for good in Bristol. The fried chicken restaurant based on Whiteladies Road, focussed on ethical produe but could not keep itself going much longer than the 13 month mark.

The restaurant offered a range 2of wings, tenders, wraps and burgers as it emphasised on chickens which were “happy” because they were free roaming chicken. It made bold claims that due to its unique flavours and sourcing of free range chicken that the restaurant served ‘the best chicken you have ever tasted’.

Not everyone agreed though that Bristol, with local food critics giving it below average scores and local feedback mostly on the fact it was overpriced for what was average food.

Happy bird closes
Is this the best Chicken burger you will never taste?

The Owners Posted this notice on the Door

“Dear HB Customers,

“We have had to close this site unfortunately. Lots of you were super loyal so we thank you for your custom.

“We have loved being in Bristol and our intention is that we will return to the South West at some point in the future.

“We are relocating to a new home so watch out for us reappearing very soon!

“The Happy Bird team.”

Could somewhere else in the UK be about to experience the Best Chicken you’ve ever tasted, or the most overpriced Happy Chicken? We’ll have to wait and see if the Happy Bird appears somewhere else in the UK.