AI and Robots are no longer just a fad, gimmick or the thing of poorly written Star Trek episodes (sorry/ not sorry Trekkies). Robots at the Enjoy Budapest Cafe can do it all – they can serve up food and drink, tell jokes, dance with the kids or just hang out for a chat with customers.

The cafe, opened by IT company E-Szoftverfejlesztő in the Hungarian capital, is staffed by a whole team of robots that aim to help familiarize the public with the technological revolution in automation and artificial intelligence.

The robot waiters follow fixed paths to deliver food and drink orders to customers, who are asked to keep out of the robots’ way.

Others serve up entertainment, such as Pepper, a “receptionist” robot that can hold a conversation and also dance with customers.

Despite fears that increasing automation and artificial intelligence will take away employment from humans, Enjoy Budapest Cafe’s robots aren’t putting anyone out of a job…. just yet.

“We actually employ twice as many people as before, because to operate 16 to 20 robots from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. we need to have IT specialists in the background,” Csizmadia says.

I personally look forward to being served by our new Robot Overlords and clearly how we will deal with the issues of “Tipping” the waiter in the future.

Journalist – James Caldwell