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Black Friday is coming, do you need to do anything about it?

Black Friday is coming on the 23rd November, and you’ve probably had your boss emailing you asking what promotional deals you’re pushing out for the Black Friday sales.

However which recently did a check on Black Friday deals and found out that  60% of the Black Friday deal items they investigated were available for the same price or cheaper at other times of the year.

Black Friday’s big hitters include Amazon, Argos and Currys to John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

Black Friday sales are a big thing to many consumers

Where did Black Friday come from?

Black Friday started in America. Thanksgiving always falls on the 4th Thursday in November, the following Friday is often an unofficial holiday.  With many people are off work, shops drop prices, usually for just the one day, to start the Christmas season.

Can I use Black Friday for my business?

Many firms now use Black Friday to promote their products and services, with tech firms offering discount on hardware and software licenses alongside Office Stationary suppliers using it to entice people to stock up on office paper. So the short answer is yes, you can use Black Friday to promote your business, but we’ve three tips to make sure you don’t mess up the opportunity:

  1. Offer a genuine discount – As we mentioned above 60% of deals offered are a bit of a con, don’t be that guy. If your customers find out you are just sticking Black Friday labels on normal prices, you are more likely to annoy customers than attract them.
  2. Make it time based – Be clear to your clients when the offer is available and communicate in advance with them on when they can access the discount. Stick to your guns when the deal deadline closes, or you’ll annoy those who rushed through their order.
  3. Plan it – Don’t just rock up on Friday Morning and push out any old deal, spend the next few days planning what you will promote, what is the discount and let your customers know before Friday that you will be offering this. Loads of companies panic sell something without thinking of a strategy, once Friday comes around getting your message out will be tough as there will be a lot of noise. Pre-plan your mailer so it drops in at 7am rather than at 9am so it doesn’t get caught in the early morning email surge from the marketing firms.

Don’t forget there is also Cyber Monday!

Remember to keep an eye on your Social Media Channels for your Black Friday deals, interact with customers who may be looking for your product and services and let them know that you are offering a discount.

Black Friday is basically a huge FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) campaign, take a look online at the different ways companies market their FOMO campaigns and see what you can pickup and learn if you are going to enter this massive marketing exercise. It’s very noisy so you will need to work hard to be heard on Black Friday.

James Caldwell
Editor for the Business Bible. James took on the role in March 2019 and shares his vast experience of International Business and Trade. James was previously Director of an international events company in Manchester and still remains active in the events industry.
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