The Digital Streaming war is stepping up, as Disney start announcing their lineup for their new streaming service for their much awaiting Digital service.

When Disney announced it would be launching its own service and also simultaneously cancelling its licensing agreements (in time) for other services to use its content, it led to a massive drop in the share value for Netflix. Although Netflix would bounce back, its led to a nervousness at the Netflix HQ over their biggest threat to its dominance.

Recently Netflix announced it would not be renewing its once popular series “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage”, two of the big hitting Marvel series that are owned by Disney.

Whilst the second series of both were not particularly received well its well considered that the decision was forced through by Netflix over the impending challenge from Disney and it reclaiming its rights to the characters in the future.

Both Loki and the Hulk will feature in new series on Disney Plus

Netflix however have already began the fightback with a recent announcement that they have bought out ABQ Studios in Albuquerque where it plans to spend $1billion on productions over the next ten years. You can read the full article on Indy Wire here on the purchase and what it means to other studios: Clicky Clicky

Netflix has been known as the big disruptor in its industry, not only to its competitors, but also to itself as it constantly challenges itself to remain the front runner and not become the next “Blockbuster”.

The latest threat from Disney though will force Netflix to continue innovating to remain Top of the Online Streamers, one thing is for sure expect more innovations and purchases from Netflix to face the Challenge from Disney Plus.


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