On Tuesday the PM, Theresa May met with the Cabinet to try and get support around a Brexit deal.

It’s took over two years to get here and once again it’s two steps forward and fifty back, as soon as Theresa May went to the House of Commons a series of resignation letters came out (handily posted on Twitter for greater effect).

Parliament has to approve the Draft Agreement, but this now looks highly unlikely as the divisions in Government are deeper than ever.

The 500 Page deal has been out in front of the Ministers, but we don’t know yet if it will be approved.

As the Brexit jargon comes spilling out, the disagreement seems to be around many things including the Brexit Backstop. Which means a temporary EU-UK single customs territory which would smooth the issue of the border checks in Ireland but tie the UK to EU rules for a few more years.

The BBC News site has published its review of the Brexit document and it’s well worth a read – Click Here

Many Business Leaders though are happy to finally see some detail around Brexit with both the CBI and Airbus coming out early to commend the release of information whilst also say they remain cautious.

Hopefully we will see some more meat on the bones of these plans over the coming week.