One of Kellogg’s famous Brands turned 90 years old today, showing that some brands can stand the taste of time (see what we did there?)

Snap Crackle and Pop is now 90 Years Old, first marketed as a Talking Cereal because of the sound it makes, because we ate so many of Kellogg’s famous cereals they were forced to open up in Stretford Manchester. Kellogg’s still have a home in Manchester and the now 20 Million boxes of the stuff is eaten every year in the UK.

Do you know why Rice Crispies make the sound of Snap, Crackle and Pop? When the rice grain is cooked it is filled with air. When milk is added, the Rice Krispies starts to absorb the milk, forcing the air inside to ‘escape’ and the break out, creating the ‘snap, crackle and pop’. If you look carefully enough you can also see air bubbles on the surface of the milk.