For Sale – regional airline, brand new IT system but not much Cash.

Flybe are up for sale after turning down an offer from Eddie Stobart Group earlier this year to buyout the struggling Exeter based company.

The Airline could merge with a competing organisation, or alternatively be bought out completely as its recently announce losses of £22 million. Unlike Ryanair, Flybe doesn’t have the funds required to continually pour cash into issues.

Source: WebFG – 13th Nov 2018

Flybe’s Stock Price looks like the track from Blackpool’s big dipper without the climb back up afterwards.

Flybe serves around 8 million passengers a year, their Purple Planes date back to 1979, the airline has 78 planes and tends to fly out from smaller airports such as London City, Southampton and Norwich to destinations in the UK and Europe.

Best of luck to Flybe that it manages to secure a merger or deal to safeguard its staff and customers.