Don’t let Monday morning be a drag for your team with our tips on how to motivate your team at the start of every week!

1. Ask Questions

We’re all busy people, but take the time on Monday to ask your team individually how they are and how their weekend was. You’ll get an insight into how positive or negative your team are and maybe they need to get something off their chest or maybe they’ve done something amazing that they can share.

Either way showing you care outside of the 9-5 will help create a team environment and motivate your team.

2. Set Goals for the Week

Get your guys and gals together and set some goals for the week. What does success look like this week, how will you achieve it and what rewards are on hand if they achieve.

Whilst SMART goals are good, setting big massive goals as well helps your company achieve amazing results as well. Be brave and involve you team in the goal setting for the week.

3. Create a positive office environment through design

When is Work not Work? When you enjoy doing it!

Creating a positive office environment is as much the design of the office as the people who are in it. A lot of companies like Opus 4 interiors help organisations design office space to help recruit and retain team members.

You don’t have to go full Google Office with your design, but making small changes and including plants in the workplace will give people a little lift in the morning at the start of the week.

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