Ryanair doesn’t seem to be pausing for breathe as it lurches from one catastrophe to another.

Following last years issues over Pilot Holidays and flight cancellation which carried on for six months, Ryanair have tried to overshadow last year’s massive mess by creating plenty of smaller messes this year.

Only two days ago we were reporting on how Ryanair had sacked 6 crew who had mocked up sleeping on the floor after Ryanair didn’t provide suitable arrangements for them for several hours.

Ryanair has now had one its plane’s seized in France after a dispute over an unpaid subsidy that it was meant to be repay the French Government that was deemed illegal by the European courts. Whilst the French aviation authorities won’t expressly say what the figure is, numbers of around £450,00 have been banded about by various other authorities.

The FAA have said the move to seize the plane was a “last resort”

The French authorities have said they will not give Ryanair its plane back until they have repaid the funds, and they made all 149 passengers who were due to fly to Stansted Airport deplane (technical term for getting of the plane) before having to wait upto 5 hours for another flight.

You would think that this is a sign that Ryanair is on its way out of business, but actually no, the airline has actually increased its traffic by over 10%!

Ryanair continues to upset its supplier, customers and staff in equally massive amounts, but still posted almost £1 billion profit in the six months to December.