With the economy currently stalling and companies still unsure on the details of the UK’s situation on thousands of European Laws and Regulations in a post “BREXIT” Britain, its good to see David Davis still hasn’t lost the touch that made him the chief negotiator for the UK.

Except he has.

David Davis, comically known to many as the “Brexit-Bulldog” thanks to BBC Radio 4’s Dead Ringers, decided to return to Radio 4 today to discuss his thoughts on BREXIT.

Davis was interviewed on Radio 4 to share his cunning plan for the UK by stating that MP’s should reject Theresa May’s deal to force the EU and UK back to the negotiating table.

Sadly it get’s weirder from there as David Davis attacks the Government’s strategy on negotiating with the EU over the past few years.

Yes that’s correct David Davis attacked the strategy for negotiation that he was in charge of for several years, claiming that we never really pushed the agenda with the EU.

As always Twitter came to the fore in this as various commentators came forward to try and make sense of the satire currently playing out on a serious news programme.

Is it any wonder that British Businesses are worried about the outcome of  the current negotiations and how this will effect trade for firms?