LinkedIn is a funny place, the Social Media network for Business Professionals was meant to be Facebook for work when it was first launched.

The network has gone through several updates and changes as LinkedIn fights to become more than just a Recruitment Agencies database. More recently though it’s become the home of anti-Business speak, where it’s now cool not to be Corporate.

Just when you think though that you’ve seen all the madness that you can take on LinkedIn, it’s apparently cool to be controversial to the point whereby Mainstream media no longer works with you.

Our plucky Social Entrepreneur (who we’ve blurred out to try and not add more fuel to his self made fire) has now decided that despite Two Clients saying that they wouldn’t be working with him due to the language he used in his training material, that this is a good thing.

In for a penny in for a pound he obviously thinks and goes all out to try and cause even more offence by trying to get an advert published with a sex toy in it. Despite the newspaper saying they wouldn’t print it, our Hero then decides to no longer do business with the Paper due to them having morals and standards. Shocking isn’t it.

Now this might seem enough on its own, but our Social Entrepreneur isn’t finished yet. Not content with burning bridges with Clients and Publishers, he decides to brag about the story on LinkedIn. We can only assume the 800 plus likes is mostly down to the fact that LinkedIn doesn’t have a “Really?” button yet.

However this could be all Fake News as we’ve come to expect on Social Media, there’s as much chance that there was no Clients pulling out of deals. There’s also a good chance that there was no advert with a SexToy in it sent to the London Evening Standard. That this is another attempt to get some Hype on Social Media by appearing anti-Corporate.

However that comes across as just as worrying, in our growing trend of Social Media “Trump-a-Likes” who like to talk “Real” in Business.


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